Ghost Looking in Window Picture

Jane Neill-Hancock sent us this very interesting ghost picture of what looks to be a boy's head looking in the window:

"I think I found some ghosts in some photos of a house that is for sale in Wanaque, NJ. This house is awesome – it is on top of a hill in front of the Wanaque dam and is clearly a house built in the 1800s. It must be a mansion that belonged possibly to a silver mine baron or someone similar. It has 7 bedrooms and is selling for a half a million dollars. I went to the real estate site to see if I could find some photos from the inside because I loved this house for so long; and it is for sale. I downloaded the photos and zoomed in on them, and found some ghosts. The first I am showing you is of a bedroom...AMAZING. He is looking in the window at the person taking the photo."