Washington State Ghosts

Jennifer sent us these nice ghost pictures of ectoplasm and amazing story:

"I have included just a very tiny portion of the photos I capture every night on the property where I live in Washington State. It was so hard to choose which to send, because I have thousands of amazing photos. The only thing that may have been done to these photos were a little brightening, but most I don't have to do anything to. I find the spirits here have a bond and trust with me and will come for their photos to be taken without hesitation. When others arrive, they disappear and stay away until they are gone. My mother has gained their trust and she too captures photos as amazing as I do."

"I've learned so many things about spirits. All my life, I've been very spiritual and have had a lot of paranormal experiences. My mother has been the same way all her life and has had a lot of siblings pass away at a young age. Each time one was going to pass, my mother would be made aware of it, in one way or another. She's had some very incredible things take place. From taking our photos, however, I've learned that spirits can act out in a number of different moods. They can be shy, playful, happy, mad...you name it. They do not like to show themselves to people who are non-believers and people who make fun of our believing in them. They must earn your trust to show you more and more of themselves. All of this started completely by accident. When we look back at photos we got in the beginning and then look at photos we have now, there is a BIG difference. Some of our photos are so clear and vivid that you can see the spirit is a woman, or a man, or a boy, or girl, or even a baby. Some spirits are animals, such as: dogs, bears, and bats.

In the warmer months, we got photos of what appears to be a fairy. When things slow down and we get the time, we intend to study the land where we live and find out the history of it. We've also learned that spirits can show themselves in a number of ways, whether it's in a window, on the side of a building, where ever. They can allow themselves to be seen in any way they like. I've always feared the dark shadow spirits were bad, however, we have them here, as well, and they do not seem to be out to harm us in any way or be mischievous."