Commerce Georgia Ghost Picture

Denise sent us this cool ghost picture taken in Commerce, Georgia:

"I was wanting to buy this house. I went there several times. There were several exterior holes in the house. Bound and determined to get a loan on the house, I had a contractor go there to give me an estimate on doing the repairs so I could get a loan. In all the times I went there, I never noticed anything suspicious, but on that day there was a horrible smell in the living room. I went into the room later and there was no odor, later that day I entered the same room and the smell was there again. I read some articles about ghost on the internet and found that ghost either smell really bad (like a sewer) or they smell like roses. I also had other pictures that showed orbs in the areas needing repair from the outside and there were pictures inside that had them as well. Unfortunately I have long since deleted the pictures from my digital camera and my computer. Attached is the same picture with the levels adjusted in Photoshop. You can see it better there. Needless to say, I didn't buy the front of the right column...and no it's not smoke. Taken in Commerce, Georgia."