Ghost Pictures: Scary Face

Linda G. sent us this picture, and she believes the scary face was not in the TV when it was snapped. We simply cannot answer what happened with today's TV commercials of all types!

"We took some pics today of some DIY (remodeling) we have done, and in one of the pics is the fire place next to the TV. The TV was on, but as I recall the news was about to end and sports was about to start -- it was about 3:30pm, today. This is the first time we have even seen anything like this. If you look you can see it looks almost 3D; not like if you were watching TV..."

Update: "The picture in the TV is nothing more than a very old sci-fi flick. I don't recall the name at the moment, but I'm sure that is the movie that the image came from." - Josh Combs