Ghost Pictures: Sister's Ghosts

Annie sent us some more ghost pictures from her sister's house...and these are pretty good!

"I sent a few pic of my sisters house....I wanted to send a few more to see what you think. In these pics we are up in her barn that seems to have a lot of things happening we have videos of some things going on up there, so we took pics and this is what we got. I will send more if you would like to see them - I got really strange ones...there is no smoking when we do this, because we have read a lot of about what not to do when you are taking pics....we hold our breath when we take pic too.

There are no windows in the barn and we took the pictures at night. That is the only time we hear things coming from up stairs. We have put a video cam up there a few times and I did get some things on it. There was a cam tripod at the other end and It started to move on it's own...I know this may sound strange, but I saw it with my own eyes. There was a time I went up there to take pics with my sister and I had to get out of there because I could feel something...and it was just too overwhelming for me to stay up despair or a sadness that was too much for me...."