USS Yorktown Ghost Picture

William J. Butterfield took this ghost picture and while one may wonder about the reflection (Could it be a ghost in the glass?), we are noticing the ectoplasm vapor trail near the top of the photograph! Yikes!

"I took this picture while visiting the USS Yorktown (CV10) aircraft museum at Patriots Point Naval Museum in Charleston South Carolina Harbor. I took the picture with a digital camera. When I took the picture, there was no one near me that would account for the image. Also I was not using a flash at the time of the picture. There was a pane of glass between the area I was and the inside area where I caught the picture. I was not wearing any coat or long sleeve shirt at the time, and no one was behind me when I took the picture."

Is this a ghost or did someone reflect in the glass unknowingly?  We are wondering even more after seeing the ghostly mist forming at the top.