Haunted St. Louis Ghost Picture

Amy sent us this fascinating ghost picture taken in a haunted apartment in St. Louis Missouri.

"While visiting my boyfriend and his new apartment, I soon began to hear noises and watched doors open slowly on their own when closed. I've heard water running in the bathroom and foot steps in the apartment. One day (on a second visit), with camera in-hand (interested in any ghost activity) I heard light steps move across the wooden floor and fade into the kitchen. The French doors flowed open and then closed. I began snapping photos with fast flash from my digital camara. On looking back, I noticed in one of the photos something peering back at me. My boyfriend thinks it's a dog. I think it looks like a little girl. He is ready to give up renting there. I'm all in for finding out more about this haunted property."

Is this a dog or person within the glass to the left?  The other pictures in this room taken from the same spot do not reveal this image that appears here.