Balcony Entity Ghost Picture

Corry Patton sent us this ghost picture of what may be ghostly clouds by the balcony. We added a second photo that is gamma-adjusted to make it easier to see the fog shapes. There are no vapor trails to identify it as ectoplasm, but Corry has no explanation as to where smoke could have come you decide:


"We recently were married and my wife's mother passed away in August and she really wanted to be a part of our ceremony. We took plenty of pictures of course as we were down in Key West Florida and one of the shots seems to have a smoky figure on the right (view the large smoke object as a whole) and what I believe is some sort of pirate on the left. Background on the photo, we were on a balcony with no rooftop and it was quite windy...our first thought was that someone lit up a cigarette and we caught it on film...but with the wind and extent the smoke extends we feel that it is something else. It was a very clear night and all other photos don't have any of this sort of 'mist.' We had other strange occurrences such as mentioning our mother who passed away and then church bells would ring at odd times like 18 minutes past the hour, etc. See what you think, as there really was no smoking on the balcony and thus very odd in our minds. Do you see a figure?"