Boat Ghost Picture

Lori Ann was examining a photograph of an old boat, and something captured her eye. This image is indeed interesting. Could it be a ghostly apparition and a cat, or a form of matrixing? You decide...

"This picture was taken on the 23rd of February, 2009 in Mississippi. A friend of mine and her husband were taking pictures during a Gulf Coast road trip, and she would send me pictures every night so I could see what she was seeing. But it so happens I saw a little more than she did.

When I wrote back to her and asked if she saw the apparition in a particular photo, her response was, 'You have a VERY vivid imagination' (maybe I do). But after they got back home and she and her husband looked a little closer, they were beginning to see what I saw. They know I get excited about this kind of thing and said I could have the picture and see what I can find out.

There is only one picture of this particular angle of the boat, and I am sending it to you exactly as it was sent to me. Here is what I see: If you can zoom in on the photograph, and then move over to the furthest right - middle, you should see a rectangle opening in the side of the boat. Inside that hole, I see a young female sitting to the left and what appears to be a small dog or large cat sitting to the right."

Do you see a small female to the left and a cat to the right?  The images could be results of pareidolia.  The size relationship of the female appears to be smaller than an average adult woman.

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