Ghost Picture: Face in TV

This is an awesome ghost picture sent to us with some energy moving across the left side; and a strange face in the TV!

"May 12, I was over at my girlfriend's house just spending some time together; and she always says she feels like she always has some paranormal activity going on. In the past I always experienced some when I was in her house. One day I decided to take my digital camera to my girlfriend's house and do some ghost hunting myself. The first picture I took, I caught something. If you notice it looks like a white orb is in the left hand corner, and there's another orb (but it's red) going across the doll. But that's not all. If you look in the TV you see a face kind of where the white orb is at. It looks like an old man with a mouth wide open. It was kind of creepy. We tried to recreate the shot again, and nothing was on the TV..."