Old Ghost Picture

Michelle from South Africa sent us this old ghost picture which could be produced by lengthened exposure, allowing the person to "run" back into place. But Michelle has something else to say:

"This is a picture that was taken around 46 years ago. In the picture sitting on the chair is my grandmother holding her new born son, infront of her is her eldest son who was 6 and next to him on the floor is my mother who was about 5 at the time. Now this photograph was taken by my grandfather; this was confirmed to me by my grandmother. Please look at the figure sitting behing my mother on the other chair. This is my grandfather who passed away three years ago on 16 November 2004. When we looked at this picture before my grandfather passed away the faces in the picture were clear and there were only four people in the photograph: my

grandmother and her three kids. Three years after my grandfather's death, we then took a look at a few of his photos and came across this one. All the faces are blurred and he is sitting next to my grandmother and completely transparent and clear. You can see the chair right through him."

Is this a lengthened exposure created a long time ago that no one caught, or is it the ghost of Michelle's father who passed and appeared back into the old picture?  You decide...