Ghost Pictures: Black Shadow Ghost

Kathy Owen from Bodfish, CA sent us this way cool ghost picture of a shadow ghost, "shadow people," or "dark shadow" ghost, as some call them.

"We went on our Ghost Hunt again last night, back to Tillie Creek Campground, located in Wofford Heights, Ca. One of our local campgrounds in our area. My son Daniel was taking the shots when he caught this! I want to note that nothing was standing next to him, or even around him when he took this picture. I was standing way off to the left of him, at least a good 20 feet away. This is what he got. Looks like Black Shadow Ghost to me, but it also looks like someone standing there. After we got home, I downloaded all the pictures. When I came to this one, I felt a weird sensation come over me. As if what ever it was....followed me home."