Ghost Pictures: Rose Hall - The Annie Palmer Home

We recently received this ghost picture from the famous Annie Palmer home called Rose Hall, located in Jamaica. Is it haunted? The picture has a strange anomaly in it, but we found out what it was...

"Photos attached were taken of the front of the home in Jamaica where Annie Palmer was killed by the slaves she had mistreated. The locals say, the slaves burned all of her photos and belonging due to the cruel treatment she gave them. They called her the "White Witch." Many orbs and note the shape in far right bottom corner. Do you know what this is?"

History of Rose Hall

Rose Hall was the greatest of homes in the West Indian Isles a couple hundred years ago. Located high above Montego Bay in Jamaica, it was the home of the Palmer family who made their fortune in sugar. The wealthy mansion was the host of many a classy ball, while slaves toiled in the Palmer's fields. Annie Palmer came to Rose Hall as a teen bride of John Rose Palmer. The marriage was not to last, as a nurse had taught Annie voodoo and witchcraft, even though Annie was a native of Ireland. Annie soon poisoned her husband after she was caught with her slave lover. Her lover sped up John Palmer's death by smothering him with a pillow. Assuming control of the Rose Hall plantation, she was ruthless in her treatment of slave lovers and husbands; all of them dying early deaths. When she would grow tired of a slave lover, he would simply disappear. Annie Palmer was also known to gallop around the plantation whipping slaves who were unfortunate enough to be in her path.

Annie's cruel reign as plantation mistress ended when the slaves gained revenge and eventually smothered her with a mattress, trampling the mattress on top of her body, so the body would have no marks on it. Soon afterward, ghost stories started popping up of apparitions appearing on the mansion's staircase. Guests were disturbed at night, and ghosts were seen on the property and road. With no one left to take over Rose Hall, it soon became a ruin. The last caretaker was found dead at the cellar landing. Rose Hall's ugly history surely would have provided enough trauma for hauntings to occur there. Mediums have visited Rose Hall to try and make contact with Annie Palmer over the years, but hopefully peace returned to the mansion after a wealthy American purchased and restored it to its former glory in the 1980's.