Lady In The Corner Ghost Picture

Justin J. Rigney sent this ghost picture of a lady's head in the corner of the photograph. You would think that maybe it was Photo-Shopped in or perhaps somehow an image on TV somehow superimposed, but Justin has more to the picture:

"I was snapping some pictures trying to get a good setting on my camera, when I noticed the lady in the lower left side of the photo. I took a few more and ended up catching the light you see. I have been doing some research on the house and prior family that lived there and found out some very interesting stuff."

"After a lot of phone calls and e-mails I finally got in touch with some of the relatives of the family that owned this house.  The home was built in the early 1900's.   The original family that built the house had lived there until the late 1940's.   From my research, the family consisted of the father, mother and their eleven children.   One of these children, a daughter in her early 20's, came down with a serious illness and died a veryshort time after being placed in the hospital (around 1944).  Her wake andfuneral all took place in this home, which at the time wasn't uncommon.  Upon seeing the photo that I took, they all confirmed that this was in fact the lady.   I guess I was still a little skeptical of all this until they showed me an actual picture of her (a perfect match).  I'm still waiting for a hard copy of this photo to scan and post along with the one I took."