Husband Spirit Image

Miranda sent us this wonderful ghost picture and detailed story:

"My dad and my step-mom went on a trip to California at the beginning of March. She had been battling cancer for over a year. The doctors told my Dad to take her on the trip and enjoy it because it would be her last and she might not make it back. Well she did make it back and a Week later she passed at home with me my dad and one of her daughters. The lifetime friend (Becky) she went to see has a 30 year old son and a 9 year old son. There were five people in the house (on 3-8-07). My dad bought a $10.00 digital camera awhile back and he wanted to prove to the 30 year old (who never has his picture taken) that the camera worked good. My dad told him he would take his picture, bring it home, pull it up on my computer, print it out, and send it back to him. He said O.K. The two of them went into the kitchen he was holding the cat (who did not want to pose) and he posed for the picture. My dad brought the camera home and I downloaded the pics from camera to computer. When my Step-mom passed on 3-16-07. Her lifetime friend from California (Becky) came up for the memorial. We were all here at my house and the subject of the pic of her son that my dad took on his tiny camera came up. So they said pull up those pics let us see. So I pulled up the pic of her son. 'It’s a good pic of him,' I said, 'But the guy in the background is blurry.' They looked (at the picture) and saw the guy, too. But there were no other people in the house but them. I said, 'It looks like a man with a mustache with ball cap on backwards. Who was there with a mustache?' There was nobody there with a mustache. They both tried to figure it out for a second, because it was not her, my step mom, or the nine year old, so who could it be? Just then Becky started trembling and said, 'That’s my husband! He's been dead for seven years (since 9-13-2000).' A wave of emotion and goose bumps washed over the entire room and everyone I've told since. I have attached the picture of Becky's son with the 'spirit image' of her husband (with all permissions from them). That night, Becky and my dad went back to his house and they found a picture of Becky’s husband that my step-mom had of him a year BEFORE he passed. He has the same expression and features as the image behind her son."