Mansfield Reformatory Ghost Photograph

Dale Lute sent us this very interesting ghost photograph taken at the Mansfield Reformatory (Ohio State Reformatory). The area was a toilet room where Angel Reader Laura Lyn was pushed over a year ago. The story of this ghost attacking a woman was covered on an episode of Ghost Adventures after Laura's encounter. Dale was using a UV-Vis-IR converted digital camera from the Fringe Technology Store which can see in the dark with an Infrared flashlight. The flash was not used.

"This was taken in the same room that Laura was pushed by something over a year ago. When I took these photos I felt like I should not go up the stairs. (This is after roaming through OSR for 5 hours alone)."

We cannot account for what caused this strange energy to appear on the stairs and over the railing. This was Dale's first time working with the IR converted camera. He mentioned that he was able to see things moving through the eye of the camera that night that he neglected to capture. More experiments will ensue.

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