Full Spectrum Camera Ghost Pictures

Is Our Full Spectrum Camera Conversion Capable of Capturing Ghosts? Check Out These Ghost Pictures!
Our full spectrum camera conversions (UV-Vis-IR) have received very positive feedback from users. Some people are using the camera to create Infrared photographs that are stunning. Most are using the cameras for ghost investigation. The following ghost photographs using our Full Spectrum Cameras were sent to us from as far away as the United Kingdom.

1: Apparition Photo:

Javier Vargas from C.R. EVP Research Team, Georgia (aka Ghost Hunting Hikers) has purchased several full spectrum ghost hunting cameras from us and captured what looks to be an incredible apparition in the woods at Fort Yargo State Park in Georgia.

"We have been investigating Fort Yargo for 2 years. We have many reports from hikers and hunters of shadows moving in the woods. I took a picture with the 10 MP camera, last summer, and we also got a recording from a ghost box (also bought from you) near the same area. The recording is over 4 seconds long. I believe the woman is asking for a musket. Once again, thank you for your time, for your products - they work, and people need to know that."

2: Shadow Ghost Photo:
Dayna H. from the UK purchased a 5.1 mp full spectrum ghost hunting camera that can see into the Near Infrared, UV, and visible light spectrums. Her first use of the camera yielded a human-shaped shadow form while ghost investigating what looks to be an old theater.

"We were on our first walk around at start of the night. Everyone in the group was with me...the two pics were taken about 10 seconds apart. I also have pictures from later on in the night, and there's nothing there to make that shape. Check out the bottom left hand box seat area..."

3: Ghost Face Photo:
Dayna H. also captured what looks to be a person hiding behind a pillar in an old Liverpool factory. The grayscale image is lightened to reveal a face which is much more visible in the enlargement.

Note: The full spectrum ghost hunting camera gives the users a distinct advantage. First of all, it can see what we see but also is able to see below and above the range of human eyesight. A true full spectrum camera is not filtered and has expanded eyesight. It is our theory that ghosts manifest in different spectrums. We want our cameras to have the ability to capture ghosts and spirits wherever they may appear within the 330nm -1200nm full spectrum range. If the visible range of eyesight is blocked from the camera's eye, this is known as "split spectrum," and the camera loses a large amount of visibility (400nm-750nm)!

4: Ghost Anomaly Photograph:
The next photograph we received was taken with an 8.1 mp version full spectrum camera from inside the Mansfield Prison (Ohio State Reformatory) in Mansfield, Ohio by Dale Lute of Sight of Ohio. This strange energy (at left) was moving on the stairs. Dale admitted seeing "things move" when looking at the camera's LCD view screen but missed opportunities to capture some of these anomalies due to still learning the camera's features.

"This was taken in the same room that Laura was pushed by something over a year ago. When I took these photos, I felt like I should not go up the stairs. (This is after roaming through OSR for 5 hours alone)."

5: Phantom Head Picture:
The photo at left was recently featured on the Coast to Coast AM radio's website. The ghost picture taken with one of our full spectrum cameras was photographed by Dan of Roseville, California.

"Success With Your Camera - All I can say is wow! Got your camera (full spectrum - Vivitar X029) and proceeded up to my father-in-law's old house which is now deserted due to his death...
...we took 50 shots using your camera. I included one of the original shots...this pic was taken from his bedroom, looking down into his bathroom."

6: Peeking Ghost Photos:
The above series of full spectrum ghost photographs was taken by Jodi I. in Canal Fulton, Ohio. Jodi and her son saw a man wearing a bowler hat in the upstairs window right before she shot this succession of ghost photos in "burst mode," using a 10.1 mp camera model. We put them in series so you can see the specter move. We believe it is a face. There were no lights reflecting off of the window surface and no one was in the locked-up building.

"Keep in mind that both Landen and I (my 10yr old son) saw this with our own eyes. The group was already down the road. We had just walked back by the library from the 'church house.' I looked up in the window and stopped and asked Landen if he was seeing anything in the upstairs window, and he said a man with a hat on (what I saw was the same thing - he had what appeared to be a derby typed - rounded hat). In the multiple shots it 'appears' to be moving. It was pitch dark in the building other than the red security lights."

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More photographs from users will be posted soon. It is our hope to discover through these investigators the effectiveness of the full spectrum camera modification for ghost investigation.

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