St. Barts Hospital Ghost?

Could this peering anomaly be a ghost at St. Barts Hospital (aka Saint Bartholomew's) in London, England? Examine these two photographs from Christopher...are they paranormal? Is something moving from the hall to the room? Whatever it may be DOES appear to be moving, and we have to wonder if the remodeling might be stirring up some old ghosts...

"...the photo was taken on an iPhone by a friend of mine and emailed to me. The photo was taken at St Bart's hospital in London, England in September 2014.

It was a Sunday afternoon, and whilst working in the corridor, the lights started to go on and off, doors were heard slamming shut, and the water taps came on. The only person working in this area was the friend who took the photo."

"St Bart's is the oldest hospital in England and was originally for the treatment of injured troops coming back from war. It was founded in the 13th century and, recently, it has been undergoing a huge refurbishment. I have also worked there and heard stories of ghosts that walk along the corridors."