German Cemetery Ghost Picture

The picture of a Scottish soldier is possibly revealed in this ghost picture taken at a German Cemetery in France.

Teenager, Mitch Glover, took this snap of Neuville-St. Vaast German (World War I) Cemetery just north of Arras, France during his school's field trip. He believes the ghost to be wearing a kilt and dressed as a British Army "Seaforth Highlander" -- a renown Scottish military regiment. The boy supposedly thought nothing of ghosts while touring the cemetery, taking photographs. It wasn't until the Brit got back home and was flipping through his photos that this one, in particular, caught his eye. 

But, there could be more to this story as the ghost is looking a little familiar. Read our update, below...

Publisher's Note: The story of this photo made its way around the web in about 2 days in late June, 2014 -- we would have felt remiss had we not posted it for your review. However, we received word from our paranormal sleuths, TKay and Kathy Owen, that this soldier looks to be eerily similar to a fake soldier entity found on a popular smartphone app that allows users to add ghosts to their photographs (see the fake soldier image, above). We must admit there are similarities, and ghost photo apps allow users to also alter the faux ghost appearance (its transparency, etc.) to make it blend in better. A shout out of "thanks!" to both Tkay and Kathy!