Bathroom Peeking Ghost?

Did her picture of the bathroom window finally catch a young male ghost watching them? Is it a paranormal glimpse?

Donna sent us her story and photograph that either shows a reflection or, possibly, the likeness of the ghost that has been haunting them for years. Here's the story behind this ghost picture of a peeking man:

"...our bathroom seems to be a hot spot. We get orbs on camera every time we take pictures. I've seen shadows, heard voices, and singing coming from upstairs. One night, my partner called me and said he could hear heavy footsteps upstairs in the bathroom. So, I took my camera and snapped a few pictures. When I looked back, this showed up. Now it CAN'T be me as I had the camera up to my face, plus the angle is all wrong. I'm standing to the right and this is looking from the left! It looks like a younger male but I have no idea!"

More About Donna's Ghost
"...I've always had ghosts and spirits around me. When I had my first daughter, me and my partner Adam moved into our own home. Everything was great for a long while; then, all I a sudden, it all got very strange. To cut a long story short, my daughter started waking up screaming in the the middle of the night, and I would hear voices on the baby monitor. Also, she started waking up with bruises and scratches. 

We eventually moved and, in the new house, I still felt there was something there -- even though it wasn't as nasty, there was still something around. My daughter was very happy and would talk to someone called 'Ziggy.' I've since had another daughter, and she is, again, very happy."