Hotel Washington Ghost?

Is the Hotel Washington in Washington, DC haunted? Is this photo of a ghost man?

Built in 1918 and having made some appearances in feature films, the Hotel Washington (W Washington) certainly has a noted past of celebrity guests, government workers, and, of course, travelers.

The picture, below, was taken inside of the old hotel with images being bounced off of a mirror. But what's peculiar is the man who mysteriously appears behind a girl in the background, and the man looks similar, to us, to the gentleman in the photo. Is this a ghost or is it a digital camera (iPhone) error of some sort? You decide.

Notes about the Hotel Washington Ghost Photo:

"Photo was taken Dec. 13, 2013 at 11:27PM in a Lounge Room off the lobby at the historic Hotel Washington (W Hotel) in Washington, DC. Picture was taken in a mirror while no one else was in the room except the three of us. Behind my friend, in the background of the picture, appears to be a man standing directly behind her with beard. Dressed in late period clothing. (Notice the reflection of my friend's back in the mirror behind her.) The man that should be reflecting, as well, isn't there?" - Adam


"It's definitely been a conversation piece over the year. The girls in the pic still find it uneasy to look at - lol.

Taking selfies in a mirror after a few drinks is something we've always done. (Don't ask.) Typically, it's in a bathroom-type setting, but these mirrors in this room were huge, and we just couldn't resist.

I think I was only able to attach one pic when I submitted it. Here is a picture taken with my other friend who was in the room; and as you can see there isn't any fixed object in the back that could resemble a human figure where she was standing."  - Adam