Ghost Man Behind Fence

A wonderful photo showing a ghost man behind a fence and wearing a pink suit was taken by Marcella Davis of Texas in April, 15 2014. The male apparition appeared in the background while Marcella was attempting to photograph her nephew outside of his high school (Cleveland High School) using a cell phone camera.

The ghost picture was taken in Cleveland, Texas while her nephew is dodging his aunt's attempt at photographing him, arm in air and head ducking. The pink suited man appears to be watching the event unfold which leads us to wonder if he is a relative, perhaps, watching over them. He could also be a former employee or student of the school. No one knows.

In another interesting take on this ghost photograph, some say they see the spirit of a woman behind the man, though faint and hardly noticeable.

Marcella's ghost story was originally published in the Houston Chronicle where she was quoted as saying, "To me, it was awesome. It's not scary to me."