Pictures of Real Ghosts

This page contains some real ghost pictures we have received from people who have visited Angels & Ghosts. Take a look and decide for yourself if this selection of ghost pics are real evidence of ghosts and haunting.

Las Vegas Ghost Picture: The Flamingo Hotel
Is the old Flamingo Hotel in sin city haunted by the ghost of mobster Bugsy Siegel? The ruthless gangster's crime syndicate began in New York, moved out west to Hollywood and set-up shop in Las Vegas. With the hopes of reinventing himself as a legitimate business man, in the 1940s, he saw an opportunity to become a hotel-casino owner in Vegas. Eventually, he coerced control and sole-ownership over the Flamingo, scaring off his partner. The legitimate business became ran by the mob. In 1947, Bugsy was murdered while in his California home. His ghost has been reportedly sighted many times at the Flamingo Hotel, his crown jewel, where he spared no expense to construct it.

2: The Flamingo Hotel Ghost Picture

Recently, we received a photo taken in the Flamingo Hotel. The photographers had captured numerous orbs, and you can see dust particles in front of the lens throughout the photo.

But looking closer, this is a very interesting picture (and we have seen our share of moving orbs). Much of the time, they are dust particles moving in front of the camera lens, reflecting light. What makes this of interest is the speed and distance traveled by the anomaly - doesn't look like a typical ball of light or dust particle reflecting light. The anomaly is moving from one room into another and at a high rate of speed.

This photo was taken by Ian and Alicia B. Here is their story:
"In September 2012, my wife and I were taking photos of orbs in and around the chapel at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas. We took approximately 160 photos, mainly of orbs of various sizes and colours. This was the odd one out...taken through the same window in the chapel, built where Bugsy Siegel used to live!"

3 & 4: Real Ghost Pictures: Indian Burial Mound Man
In the United States, some Native American tribes buried their dead in mounds, hills that look like part of the landscape to the untrained eye. The next ghost picture was taken in front of an Indian burial mound and shows a man standing within the sunlight. Barry E.'s wife snapped this intriguing ghost photo:

The following story for the burial mound ghost picture was offered by Nathan P. Was the visitor connected to the ghost in the photo?

"This picture was taken in front of an old Indian mound in west Tennessee. You can clearly make out the bearded man behind the bright light. A man with a beard approached the nearby cabin one night wanting something to eat. While fixing him a sandwich, the owner invited the man in, and he said, 'No thanks. I will stand right here.'"

The bright light appears to be sunlight shining into the camera lens, known as lens flare. But we cannot explain away thedistinct image of a man standing behind the light. At right, is a close-up of his face.

5: Real Ghost Pictures: Grandma Ghost at Accident Site
Can ghosts mourn with the living? Read on...

Taken in Helendale, California in November, 2012, the photo shows mourners at a vigil for a young man who recently passed in an accident.

Robert, who sent the ghost picture, offers
the following explanation:

"My nephew passed away on 11-28-2012. He was riding a dirtbike and was involved in a head-on collision. A group of his family and friends went to the accident site, lit candles and put some crosses up. When people were about to leave, someone suggested to have everyone bow their heads and pray. At that time, a picture was taken with a cell phone. We went home to show the pictures to friends who couldn`t get to the site, and we saw our grandma: my nephew's great grandma. She's right next to the cross with glasses on."

Elevator Ghost Prank Video
Now for some fun. The video is of a prank pulled on unsuspecting elevator riders in Brazil. The ghostly bit was originally produced for and aired on Brazilian SBT - TV for the Silvio Santos Show.

After entering the elevator, the ride begins to get spooky. The lights flicker, and then, they go out completely. A hidden door in the elevator allows an actor, a young girl, to sneak in with the riders just before the lights turn back on. You can imagine the fear when victims realize a ghost girl, holding a creepy doll, is standing next to them. As they panic, the girl lets out a scream, sending occupants into complete hysteria!