Faces in Waves?

Creepy photo of waves shows screaming faces in the water. This is a really cool photograph (not real ghosts, in our opinion, but a fascinating case of pareidolia). We received the picture from Terrence who provided the following back story.

"My mother took this picture a early November this year at Redondo Beach in Des Moines, WA on a cold cloudy day. She took a picture of the waves coming to shore. When she got home to look at her pictures she noticed this one had distinctive shape that catches your eye right away almost in the center of the photo. When you zoom on the image it seems to look like a face of a demon; then when you start to look around the picture you start to see lots of faces. There seems to be women and child faces, some screaming. Its very eerie and I encourage you to take a look at this and look around the image to see how many faces you see. Me, myself, can see 5 faces; but others who have seen the picture say they see more."