Smiling Ghost Face?

Small, smiling face is seen in an upstairs window. Is it a ghost?

We received this submission, and the image is so dang real looking that we first suspected it was pasted in using an art program (or fake ghost app). However, after closer examination, we realized that Dana had sent us the original photograph. So, we do not believe it was tampered with in any way. 

"Taking a few photos of my friend's garden on a sunny July afternoon in northeast Minneapolis. A few days later, when I was looking at the pics, I noticed something strange in the upper right corner of the middle window. Looks like the face of a man peering down at me." - Dana

"The image could very well be a reflection, but I really don't think so. I have tried to reproduce the pic a few weeks later, that July, stood in the same place at the same time of day with simular weather conditions; and I didn't get the same results! The house was built in 1905, and the original home owner did die on the second floor in the mid-1920s while in his late 50s.

I have seen photos of the original homeowner, and I believe the image in the window is him. I also believe my friend's house is very haunted! We've had many many unexplained experiences in & outside of his house. Full body apparitions, disembodied voices, being touched and pinched, clothing being tugged, weird smells sometimes sulfur, feeling someone sitting down next to you and no one is there, being watched, your hair being pulled and played with, things moving -- not to mention all the other creepy photos that have been taken then just disappear off your phone, etc. Usually within 15 minutes, you will have an experience! I don't go over there at night anymore!!! It can get kinda' scary!" - Dana

Additional Thoughts

Even though the face is so perfect, we do think it could have been formed from the light of the sky and tree leave shadows reflected in the glass. Upon closer examination, you will notice the 'ghost face' is over top of the white inner bar that is inside the glass of the window. To us, that speaks of it being a reflection. But, we like you to review and make up your own mind, given the evidence to evaluate.

Funny Thought
This face sort of reminded us of Weekly World News' 'Bat Boy' or maybe even Star Wars' wise sage, Yoda!
Bat BoyYoda