Alcatraz Ghost Woman

An Alcatraz prison cell block photo inexplicably reveals the ghost of a woman in the small window. Where did she come from?

It's not the first time we've seen ghost photos from Alcatraz prison in California, but this picture taken by Brit, Sheila Sillery-Walsh, while on a tour of the now-closed penitentiary has everyone's heads shaking.

Taken with an Apple iPhone 5c, Sheila immediately knew she had captured something inside the room. It was not her reflection on the glass, and she could physically verify that no one was in the room as she compared what she saw on her phone with the cell block. It was as if the ghost woman appeared to the camera's eye but was not visible to Sheila or anyone else when looking in the small viewing window.

When we look at the lady, and especially her hair style, she looks like she hails back to the earlier part of the past century; but she also appears to have almost a doll-like look. Her form is very solid, and she she seems to be looking back at the tourist who is peering in with the smartphone in hand. We wonder if the woman could have been a former wife of a guard. Alcatraz was a male-only Federal penitentiary, and some families of the guards did live on the island. Visitors were not allowed back into the cell block, and female workers were not allowed in the cellhouse or hired as guards. So, who is this mysterious ghost woman and why would she be in this cell?

Alcatraz prison held its last prisoner in 1963 and has been empty since -- except for tourists. But, many a former guard, worker and visitor claim the island lockup is haunted by ghosts. Visitors often describe feeling uneasy, on edge, or frightened during their visits. 28 people lost their lives at Alcatraz, either by murder, natural causes, or suicide.