Fairmont Banff Springs Ghost Picture

At the famous Fairmont Banff Springs hotel rumors of haunting persist to this day. See the ghost picture of the little girl's silhouette taken of the wall with the missing door to the closed off room 873! It was sent to us from M.A. along with their account:

"We stayed at the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel in the Presidential Suite (top peaks of the hotel) in 2013. We were aware that the hotel had some ghost stories, so that's where we wanted to have our getaway. From the moment we were taken to our top of the hotel peak suite, the energy was very intense. We unpacked, had some dinner and decided to head to the the 8th floor, as room 873 was (said to be) haunted." (Read more of their story, below)

"Legend has it that a little girl, her mother, and the father died in this room as a murder suicide in the early 1900s. (Reports of mysterious) finger prints on mirrors and (moving) items in this room were constantly happening over the years; so they sealed the door off and no one has been in there since. (I heard they expanded both rooms on each side and completely removed '873' from the floorplan.

After going to the 8th floor hall, my husband stopped and 'shushed' me - we were hearing noises from the wall where the 873 door used to be. I was laughing at him saying he was paranoid. As I began to walk down the hall toward the elevator, I turned and took a photo of him, taking a pic of the wall covering 873.

When we got back to our room, I was going through the photos. They were kind of dark, so I did the 'autocorrect or autofix' on my iPhone and turned up the contrast. What I saw made my heart skip, and I had goosebumps from head to toe! It looks like the little girl, reaching out to my husband. It is the most amazing photo I have ever taken."

The luxurious Fairmont Banff Springs is located in beautiful Alberta, Canada and opened in 1888 as a premier railroad resort destination.

Today, stories of seeing a ghost bride dancing in the ballroom (she died in the hotel when her wedding dress caught fire by a candle, falling to her death on a staircase) are commonplace.

The area around where Room 873's door should be found (it has been sealed off for many years due to the murder-suicide and unexplained activity within the room) has continously been noted by guests and ghost hunters as a spot within the hotel where paranormal activity, especially the sighting of the spirits of the deceased family, may be encountered.