Prom Selfie Ghost Photo

A ghost face appears behind three ladies who took a selfie photo in a two seater car on prom night. Where did the face come from?

"This photo was taken a day after my step daughter's prom. They were in a sports car with no back seat and took a selfie...when they looked at the picture, they saw what looks to be another face. Look above the girl in the middle: This looks spooky, but I was looking to see if it could be explained away or is this really a ghost." - Kelvin

We initially questioned whether or not the face was added by using a ghost photo app; and after closer examination, we believe the face was not added to the picture by a photo editing program. Could it be the product of misidentification (such as matrixing, paredolia)? Maybe -- but we would have needed to have a control shot to see what was truly behind the ladies for comparison. The prom selfie pic is definitely a head-scratcher.

We have requested to see the second photo mentioned by Kelvin for comparison. Should we receive it, we will post it as an update to this "prom ghost" story:

"...they were scared as heck. One of them started crying. They had gotten out of the car and taken a second picture, and the house (they were at) was blurry; but you could still see something there."