White Hart Inn Apparition Photo

Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, is known to be an old town with some ghosts in its closet.

Recently, a second photograph of an apparition was snapped (by EGHS) inside of Scottish pub, the White Hart Inn. (The first ghost photo from the bar, accidentally taken by some Aussie visitors, is what some feel shows a female spectre. The hand and color of clothing look eerily similar to what you see in this second apparition pic.) Compare both photos and read the rest of the story about these two images:

At first glance, one might think the EGHS (Edinburgh Ghost Hunting Society) inadvertently photographed a passerby while having their camera set to lengthened exposure; but that was not the case. Upon examination of video footage that happened to be recording the scene at the time the ghost picture was taken revealed that no one had walked in front of the camera. The apparition photo, thus, was incredibly validated as something paranormal.

Both ghost photos were featured in the local Edinburgh News.