Nova Scotia Ghost Man?

A neckless, bearded man is seen behind them in the glass. Ghost or curious bystander?

"I took this peculiar picture on August 29th at around 10:00 PM while I was on a boat cruise of Halifax Harbour in Nova Scotia, Canada. My camera was dying at the time so I turned the flash off to save the battery life and to get a good picture of the night skyline. However, when I uploaded the picture to my computer, I noticed I captured a little more than I intended to!

Above my head (I am on the right) is a very clear, partial image of an elderly man's face. I am interested in knowing whether you think this is a reflection onto the window from someone facing towards me or an apparition. The reason I question if it is a reflection is I have no recollection of this man being on the boat. And yes, that probably isn't remarkable considering my memory isn't as good as it used to be. However, I think it is worth noting that very little of the man is actually 'reflected.' As you can see, his neck and part of his face is missing. I would expect to see more of his body considering that he appears to be standing beneath (or slightly behind) the light that is closest to me. Of course, there could be a reasonable explanation for this, which is why I'm contacting you. I am by no means an expert in photography or paranormal activity." - Alyson

"Here are the details on my camera: Canon PowerShot ELPH 320HS (16.1 megapixels), and the flash was off at the time.

The photo is an original, and has not been altered in any way. Feel free to manipulate it in any way you please for your analysis. If you change the exposure, you can see his features a little more clearly." - Alyson

Some of Our Thoughts
Our first thought, too, is that a man, in the reflection, was caught watching the two ladies two take the photo - but we must admit that we cannot find his neck or shoulders in the glass. Light and image reflection is tough, though, because darker things are more difficult to detect at night in glass. But, we, too, can see the building lights where his neck and shoulders should be. Interesting. As for recalling who was there, this is a difficult ghost photo argument that has gone on since the 1800s. There just isn't a way to really confirm that someone did not step near the table during the snap unless the ladies were the only ones in the room with the doors locked (citing work Society for Psychical Research from the 1800s here).

The only way to debunk, or at least, 'semi-prove' the photo would be to set-up a similar photo in the same location at the same time of night, trying to see if a headless man could be made to appear through glass reflection, similarly, if he were standing near the table. So, we say this photo shall remain a mystery.