Rogue's Hollow Shadow Ghost Photos

Laura Lyn from sent us her fantastic capture of a Rogue's Hollow shadow ghost.

What makes her photographic evidence compelling is that she was able to photograph him (or her) in 3 pictures, moving across the room. In these photos, the shadow ghost can be seen by the door, in the middle of the room toward the back and further into the room behind people.

"On Halloween night I took some pictures at the annual seance. I got a bunch of great pictures - but for special interest, I wanted to send you these three. Look in the right back corner. One frame there is no shadow person, then the 2nd and 3rd you can clearly see the shadow person moving. This was taken with my phone's camera (a T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S)." 

"The photos were taken in Doylestown, Ohio near Rogue's Hollow on Halloween night at Becky's Tea House. I had several events there and took photos during and after...everything was cleared at the end. I spotted a spirit darting around, and we all witnessed hearing a child laughing and many knocks. Unfortunately, I did not video or audio record this seance, but the pictures tell the story. This little tea house holds more spirits than any other place that I ever witnessed. There is a Native American cave on the premises, too."