Mysterious Head Photo

Royce Wegner sent the following ghost photo of a mysterious head that appeared in frame when his sister was with friends. We cannot confirm whether or not the image is paranormal; or if, somehow, multiple images became mixed through a camera malfunction, or if a smartphone app that allows fake ghosts to be inserted into photos was used by someone else (though we do not recognize this ghost head from any of the apps as of this writing). Read the story from Royce, below, and decide. 

"My sister lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico and I had visited there in 2012 during the winter time specifically for a vacation. She was at the ABQ New Mexico River Of Lights festival. It is an annual event where there are many lights put up in a great showcase. While she was there with her friends, she was taking pictures with her camera. When she got back to her house, I was there and she came back with something interesting. She told me, 'I got something on camera that you might want to see.' She then hooked up her USB camera to my PC and browsed through the files to this image. Immediatly I knew this picture was something paranormal." 

"After months of investigating the file with various exif data applications and 3d surface plot image examining applications, I have come to the conclusion that there is no way someone could have slipped in a copy-pasted ghoul into the picture. I thought I might as well upload this image to a different paranormal site since other sites were not even aknowledging that I had given them a copy of this picture. So examine it for yourself and tell me what you think this is! I am not sure if this a lost spirit or a demon of some sort. I have no skills in determining ghosts, demons and other entities from one another.If you could forensically examine the picture with software I might not have, that would be great also.

The blonde haired girl in the foreground was not there during the snapshot. The picture came from a camera I think. The copy that I got was copied onto a USB stick, and then, I personally copied it over to my desktop PC. I cannot obtain a original copy from the camera, as I don't have access to it."