Pictures of Ghost

Pictures of ghost sightings for your scrutiny...

1: "Corner of the Room" Ghost

The web is rife with supposed paranormal phenomena "evidence," including pictures of ghost haunting that are, well, suspect.

The infamous "Ghost in the Corner" or "Corner of the Room" ghost picture is no exception. You can find it everywhere; however, we need to ask ourselves if it is an authentic smoking gun that proves that ghosts are inhabit our world, or is it just a well-staged hoax? This photo has several things that make it "scream" bogus. Read on and see if you can see what we see. Otherwise, we agree with some: This ghost picture will keep you up at night!

2: Why We Don't Like the Ghost Photo
Looking closely at the ghost photo, we see that the specter is transparent - see-through. But what screams wrong to us is the face, itself: It looks like a Halloween mask or prop with some netting over it. To get the transparent effect, the photographer simply used a lengthened exposure, placing the prop into the frame, then removing it after a few seconds.

3: Ruislip Ghost Pictures and Video
In February 2013, we received a press release claiming that proof of ghosts has finally been captured by video. The clip purportedly shows the ghost of a male figure walking out of the Ruislip Community Centre in London, snagged by the security camera at its entrance. Soon after spotting the man walking out, another gentleman pops through the door to investigate.

We struggle with the video from Ruislip for two reasons: the man just does not look "ghost-like" to us (whatever that means); and his initial appearance looks created. He does, however, seem to walk through the rail - impressive. Is this a real ghost video? It's up to you...

4: Picture of a Shadow Ghost in a Train Station
Richard B. sent us this shadow ghost picture taken in an old depot. Because the placement is in the middle and not at the edge of the photograph, the shadowy visage was not created on accident by having a finger obscure the flash element or lens while the photo was taken. We believe it was taken with a Sony Cybershot digital camera. Either this incredible ghost pic is a true, paranormal visitation or some really good photo-editing within PhotoShop. Here's the story behind the picture of the ghost for your consideration:

"It is real. It took place in a 100 year old train station with a digital camera. We were taking a picture to see what the camera’s picture quality was like, and this figure was standing there. Very scary!!" - Richard B.

5: We inverted the train station ghost image to show its form better...

6 & 7: Four Spirits Ghost Picture?
When photographing outside in cold weather, it is possible for digital cameras to capture mists from moisture in the air as well as warm breath from the photographer. Always be sure and hold your breath during ghost photography. Even though the next ghost photo was snapped outside in a cold environment by Don Sweet, we just had to share it due to his story about the site (somewhere in Reno, Nevada) as well as the compelling shapes of the mists. Do you see four human figures?

"I took this photo while conducting research at a location where it (was) rumored that four bodies were found. I guess I proved it true..." - Don Sweet