Notre Dame Cathedral Ghosts

Are these ghosts photographed inside of Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris, France? Read Luke's story, below, of how the photograph came to be...

"This photo was taken in the Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris on a college trip some years back. I am uncertain of the exact date. The images were taken as you walk into the cathedral, on the left hand side. As far as I remember, I was taking a picture of what appeared like a monument, about 8 to 9 feet in height, of Christ on the cross. But the results were entirely different, and I was quite bewildered when I processed the film in the darkroom. I went on to develop an image that appeared entirely different from what I had recalled photographing."

"In the image, it appears that there is a cross-sectioned mirror effect that almost shows me taking the photograph. As far as I recall, there were no beings included in this image except for Christ on the cross. He does not appear on the cross; but there is a hazy, spirit-like effect in the place of where he would be. The beings by either side appear vivid and ghostly. Having researched and looked at thousands upon thousands of images taken inside and outside of Notre Dame, I still have not encountered anything quite like it."

- Luke of Wilson of