Ghost at the Lincoln Memorial

Nancy's husband snapped this photograph of a seemingly colorless, misty-looking man walks among the crowd of people at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC, December 23, 2013 - story and picture, below.

"My family took a trip to Washington DC on 12/22-12/24/13 while visiting relatives in Maryland. On Monday, 12/23, we walked from the Natural History Museum all the way (through the rain) to the Lincoln Memorial, so our granddaughters could see it. On the way, we passed the World War II Memorial and took some photos of the girls standing next to the Arizona and North Carolina (states we live in) pillars of the memorial. Then, we walked the rest of the way to see Lincoln's statue at that memorial. Once we got there, my husband took a photo with his cell phone of three of our granddaughters in front of the statue of Lincoln."

"It wasn't until later that night that he was looking through his cell phone photos that he caught the gray area behind the girls. No other photos of the same setting by our kids or myself revealed anyone close by wearing a gray hoodie or anything gray at all. If so, we would have assumed we just got the blurred image of the person wearing gray. It looks like the gray figure is of a guy wearing an army helmet passing behind the girls. The granddaughter to the right is either looking at the statue of Lincoln, or maybe she felt something behind her. This is definitely not faked. I'm just happy to say it looks like the apparition is passing through and not targeting my granddaughters. If he had been looking at them or posing with them, I'd be really freaked out." - Nancy