Ghost Images in Pictures

Each month, we collect and post ghost pictures we receive from different fans. The following ghost images people have found in pictures have astounded us. So, we've posted them to this page for February, 2013.

2: Ghost Images in Pictures: Farm Ghost Picture

In 2008, Neil Sandbach inadvertently photographed the ghost of a young boy while shooting pictures of a farm for stationary to be used as a wedding announcement. The farm is located in Hertfordshire, England, where Neil later found out that people there had witnessed seeing a boy in a white nightgown on the grounds near the barn - more than once. The photographer had no idea he had captured the lad peeking around the corner of a building until later examination of the digital photos he had taken that day. Is this ghost image real? Is the bed gown worn by the boy indicative of an earlier time period? Take a look and decide...

3: Ghost Images: Google Maps Ghost
"I lived in this house with my family from the 70's - 1984. My entire family experienced ghostly activities the entire time we lived there. We would hear and see doors slamming; window blinds on the main level all flying up at the same time; you could feel a deep pressure when walking down into the basement; angelic singing when no one was home in the basement; full-body apparitions, a rocking chair that would rock when no one was sitting in it; footsteps and more. We all experienced unbelievable events in this house."
"Our friends and family also experienced activities, it was pretty scary. of course, my family abandoned the house around 1984. If you zoom into the top right window, you can clearly see something or someone with dark hair and a dark dress or overalls. The two windows are attached to a window seat with built-in cabinets. You cannot stand directly in front of the windows. If you wanted to look out of them, you can either sit on the window seat or lend into the windows. This entity was appears to be standing directly in front of the windows; not seating or lending."
- La Tanya (who recently found this ghost screenshot on Google Maps street view. It is from 2009. We verfied it.)

4: Featured Ghost Images in Pictures: Hermitage Ghosts
In the 1970s, a ghost picture was taken at Andrew Jackson's Hermitage (his home and property) that revealed two peope in period dress standing in the frame. We did not know about the photograph with the two ghost images until Chauncy wrote us and provided the picture and back story. After searching for it on the Internet but to no avail, he asked if we would share with our audience. "I have no idea what became of the photographers nor the original of the photograph. If you are interested, I can forward further details about the photographer and the school paper within which this picture originally appeared." The ghost photo and story was just too darn good to let die. We are thankful to Chauncy for his hard work and proud to feature it in our ghost photo collection.

Learn more about the: Andrew Jackson Hermitage Ghost Picture

5: Haunted Items Ghost Picture: The Haunted Desk
As the legend goes, a lady furniture collector took a photo of the desk, shown at left, only to find a hand in the photo along with it. This, of course, has lead to many questions. Here are a few: Is the hand polishing the desk? Could the hand be its former owner? If so, could this ghost picture be proof that items can be haunted by ghosts?

Many ghost hunters believe that items can be haunted by ghosts. One idea is that the person is so attached to the possession that the ghost watches over it. Some might call this a ghost "attachment." Another belief is that negative energy from an event could possibly be imprinted upon items, causing strange things to happen later. This has also led to quite a bit of superstition concerning antique items and bringing old furniture into one's home. People have reported haunted items being the cause of paranormal activity. Once the haunted items are removed from the home, it's claimed the ghost activity will abate.

6 & 7: Ghost Images in Pictures: New Orleans Bourbon Street Area Ghost Picture
Lisa in Atlanta recently sent us some interesting ghost images she captured while in New Orleans. One of the ghost images in her pictures was very prominent: a man, possibly a ghost, standing on the balcony above St. Peter Street just down from Bourbon Street. The question is whether or not he is someone who stepped out onto the balcony that night or the ghost of an older man (who looks like Santa, to us) with a beard, wearing a coat, hat and shirt with a printed front. At right is Lisa's comparison photo of the same balcony, pretty much ruling out a mannequin.

"Shadow ghost...same trip...look on the balcony. I took another shot with no one there, too. This is the same balcony the next evening. My husband argued there must have been something on the wall on the balcony, so I went back to prove him wrong. Same position, same time of day, etc." - Lisa in Atlanta