Andrew Jackson Hermitage Ghost Picture

An exclusive ghost picture taken at The Hermitage...
The Hermitage was the home of President Andrew Jackson. We are proud to feature it as it cannot be found elsewhere on the web. It would seem that time had forgotten this incredible ghost picture taken in 1975 before personal computers and PCs. "Chauncy" remembered the Hermitage ghost photo from his college days and thought it too good not to be shared with others.

"This picture achieved great acclaim in the mid-1970's. The famous ghost hunter's in New England at the time (Ed and Lorraine Warren) declared it to be one of the greatest pictures of paranormal activity ever revealed. They stated, then, that there was no evidence of photographic tampering (ah, those great days before Photo Shop) and that it was so clearly ghost-related that it intrigued even them. Yet today, it does not appear on any of the Internet Ghost Picture sites."

"I have been wondering why it is not found, since the 'spirits' in it fade from their waists, down, and are clearly dressed in 'period' clothing from some other time. Why would such an amazing shot no longer be seen by the public? Was it discredited since those days?

An acquaintance of mine from our college decided to spend his spring break doing research and, being a devoted history buff, he wished to visit Andrew Jackson's Hermitage. He and his companion, both of whom were history majors at the time, grew weary of the group tour they were on while there."

"So, they decided to wander off by themselves. They came upon an old cabin on the grounds and took several photographs of it. Obviously, as most of these stories go, there was no one else there at the time the pictures were taken."

"When they returned to school in Connecticut, they developed their vacation film and found this photograph clearly showing a woman by the cabin, dressed in an old fashioned dress, looking off at what seems to be a younger boy (note the period haircut on the 'young' man). The woman seems to fade from the waist down, and the cabin chimney stone is somewhat visible through what should be her lower body. In some reports published at the time, the boy is said to appear to be holding a box of some sort in his left hand though the copy of the picture that I have does not fully reveal that to the viewer.

Though, I had heard the tale from the gentleman who actually took the picture (he was in my marketing class, I think) the story also appeared in The Inferno, a monthly student magazine published at Central Connecticut State College (now University). It was in Volume IV, Issue 2 published on September 25, 1975; pages 8 - 10. As you see in the scans, the article was written by the photographer himself and is titled, Psychic Phenomena or Prank? Why he would title it that way, and then spend the entire article declaring that the photo was real, is unknown to me."

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