Pengwern Arms Ghost Girl

Gwynedd Paranormal Investigations conducted a paranormal investigation June 2014 at a pub in Great Britain after hearing rumors of possible haunting. During the evening, a compelling ghost photograph, of what is believed to be a female spirit, was taken. Seasoned investigator, Zoe Callow, a member of the GPI team, provided photos and the following details:

"The photo was captured by one of our guests during an investigation that was recently conducted in the Pengwern Arms in the centre of Llan Ffestiniog, Gwynedd, North Wales."

More About the Ghost Picture from Zoe
"During the investigation, we had heard unexplained footsteps, bumping and banging, strange noises, light anomalies, and shadows; but at the time the photograph was taken, nothing had been seen in this particular corridor. There had been previous reports of unexplained activity in this area of the building, and local residents had asked us to investigate the possibility of the property being haunted.

There seems to be other paranormal phenomena going on in this picture such as a couple of faces and a dark, figure-shaped shadow on the left hand side -- but nothing stands out as clear as the girl or young woman in the center of the picture in front of the doorway."

"You can clearly see she has shoulder length hair. She appears to be bowing her head slightly to her right hand side, and she looks to be holding her hands in front of her body. It seems as though she may be wearing a long dress. Often, I am very sceptical of 'ghost' photos in general, having had over 10 years of paranormal investigating experience. I have seen some shocking examples of fake pictures, but I can guarantee that this photo is absolutely genuine and untampered with."

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