Real Ghost Photographs

Enjoy the following collection of real ghost photographs that have made their way across the web.

Over the years, the stories behind these ghost photos have brought chills to the spines of paranormal seekers. Looking at them, one must ask, are these real manifestations of ghosts? The photographs have survived to become legendary lore due to the quality, strength of story and a compelling oral tradition. The sheer intrigue of the populace in exploration of the unknown along with the ability of the Internet to connect people with one another has made these photos something people want to share and talk about. Are you curious as to what may lie beyond our earthly adventure? If so, explore this page...

1: O'Hare Mansion Lady Ghost
Guy Winters snapped this series of real ghost photographs in Greencastle, Indiana. Notice how the apparition of who some call the "pink lady" is manifesting within the upstairs window of the old house. Learn the complete story about this amazing series of ghost photographs: Pink Lady Ghost Video.

2: Ghost Boy or Man in Bed?
This real ghost photograph was taken at the Worley Inn in Dahlonega, Georgia. Built in 1845, could this be its original owner, Claud Worley, who died in a train accident?

3: Ghost Skeleton on TV Screen?
Is this a ghost or a ruse? This ghost photograph, said to be real, supposedly shows a skeleton reflected on the TV screen. Could a skeletion have been hung up in front of a window to reflect that way or is it really a ghost photo? It's been a popular pic, shared across the web, but we question its validity. Had to show it, though. Hmm...

4: Worstead Church Ghost
A real ghost photograph taken in 1975 by Peter Berthelot (left) of his wife praying on a church pew has helped confirm the legend of the "white lady" of Worstead Church.

Mrs. Berthelot was alone praying when the real ghost photograph was snapped, meaning noone was behind her, according to Peter.

Located in Norfolk County in the UK, the church is said to be home to the wraith on Christmas Eve when she has been spotted. The white lady has been seen as far back as 1830, when a man died from fright after seeing the ghost in the bell tower. Can you believe he went up there on Christmas Eve to see her (and he said he did)? Yikes...he got more than he bargained for!

5: Grandpa Ghost Behind Wife
Their grandfather had passed and was gone, or so they thought, until they noticed his ghostly form behind grandma (left).

Denise Russell and family found this real ghost photograph, showing their grandpa's ghost with their grandmother, while looking at photos together. This picture was taken of grandma just several days before her passing. Their grandpa, however, had been deceased for 10 years!

Yes, our loved ones are always with us, but we are not always aware of their presence, it seems. Take comfort, there is more to life than we currently know...