Pink Lady Ghost

Greencastle, Indiana frightening tale of two men who capture the photographs of an old, brick house (and someone inside) that is the rumored haunt of a ghostly female: the "Pink Lady."

After hearing the rumors, the friends decided to explore the abandoned home. Walking in during a stormy night, they had no idea of what they would encounter. The apparition of a lady had been seen walking the lane and entering the house.

The men saw shadows in the house while taking pictures throughout the decrepid residence. When one of them ventured back outside, he unknowningly photographed the images of the lady in the upstairs window. The other gentleman inside the house heard a heartbeat in his head, was full of anxiety, and smelled a strange sound. Both men ran away from the grounds and back to their van when panic had set in.

Later, after developing the photographs, a glowing pink lady was revealed in the house window.

In this paranormal documentary, an examination of the photographs by an expert reveals that the ghost-like images of the lady were part of the negatives and not something that had been added to the photos through trickery.