TAPS Coat Yank Re-Creation Video

This ghost video is actually a re-creation of the TAPS Ghost Hunters Live TV ghostly hood-yank which aired October 2008. Watch the TAPS Coat Collar Yank video analyis. In our opinion, the hood-pull (or hood-yank) was contrived and rigged.

The ladies in this video show us how easy it is to fake a ghost pulling your collar or hood. If you are able to find the original incident from the show, please compare, as it would seem there is quote a lot of chicanery going on to generate popularity (and advertising dollars).

The backlash from the live episode that Grant and Jason received was epic, and at that time, many analysis videos using the original clip from SyFy's hit television show were made, proving the fake "ghost activity." Of course, the production company behind Ghost Hunters has since had many of those YouTube clips removed, so it is difficult to find the video to share.

Another analysis of the coat yanking incident can be watched, here: TAPS Fraud Ghost Video.