Spiritual Possession Video

This video by Paranormal Research & Investigative Studies Midwest shows what may be an attempt by a ghost to possess a lady's body. We do not believe this to be demon possession but ghost possession. Frightening 21 minute video.

WARNING: This video has very foul language and should be viewed only by adults. It is very alarming and should be viewed with caution.

We believe that this is possession by a human spirit, not by a "demon," as the husband supposes. Also, swearing at the possessing spirit will not help matters. We feel this spirit is a very negative person who has not moved on in life and has willingly chosen to remain earthbound, wreaking havoc in another's life, even stating his intent to kill the lady in the video. The ghost, who is trapped in the darkness of his own reprobate mind, has learned how to co-inhabit the body of a spiritually weak person.

The use of alcohol and drugs can not only weaken a person to the point of allowing the ghost possession, but also, we suspect that the high that is experienced by the host can also be felt by the possessiong ghost.

The ghost investigation team seems unaware of how to assist the lady or the spirit. An incredible video of spirit possession but will any of this help the lady or the possessing spirit move on in their lives?

We do not recommend allowing a ghost to possess you or trying to deal with a negative spirit such as in this video (unless one knows what to do).