Ghost Hunters Video

This video gives various camcorder tips and tricks for ghost hunting that you might find useful. Learn how you can get the most out of your video camera for ghost investigation. Video talk discusses use of batteries, settings, zoom, special effects, where to point the camcorder, how to hold the camera, auto focus, and more!

For ghost hunters, video is now being easily recorded by almost anyone, as the camcorder has become very affordable, available even on smartphones, etc. There are even video cameras that can be used for ghost hunting that have the ability to film in the dark. Video recorders have become a powerful tool for new era ghost hunters. 

Video has given ghost hunters a powerful witness, not only to the haunting but also to map out a site, record mistakes (often confused as ghostly activity), and to capture people's reactions to natural and paranormal phenomena. The latest video cameras record digitally onto either a built-in hard drive or memory card. This make the digital video recorder much easier to upload clips to the computer for viewing and editing.

Video cameras are also easy to use, and there are no real pitfalls to using them. Make sure the video recorder's settings are proper for night video photography, and bring extra tapes (if not an additional digital video recorder), and an extra, recently charged battery.Ghost hunters should use several video cameras during an investigation so that different sections of the haunted location can be monitored. Ghost hunters' video has been known to capture scenes that include moving orbs, ghostly mists, dark shadows, apparitions, and even inanimate objects moving on their own. EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) may also be heard on video tracks. Video recording via tripod can be a great way to monitor activity in a room when no one is in it.

The down side to recording a lot of ghost investigation video is painstakingly examining a bunch of long recordings for any unexplained activity. Some sections may need to be watched over and over to determine what was going on and to rule out explainable causes. Of course, good editing software is a must, so one can pull out portions of the video that contain ghostly activity for further study and sharing.