Anguished Man Ghost Video

This ghost video is of a haunted painting, called the Anguished Man, that supposedly has a spirit attachment.

Also, read the paraphrased account about the eerie portait, below...

This oil painting was in my grandmother's attic for 25 years. She said it was evil and that she used to see the dark (shadow) figure of a man around the house. In the late evening, she would hear odd sounds and what seemed to be someone, unseen, crying.

The artist who created the painting was said to have committed suicide after completing it. There is also suspicions that he also incorporated his own blood into the paints used for the portrait (of who, we do not know).

After my grandma passed away, we received the painting, and it currently stays in our basement. Soon after we received the haunted picture, some of the members of my family started witnessing the dark figure of a man -- just like my grandma had seen. And at night, we, too, also heard noises, including the sobbing and moaning. The oil is still in our home, and as a skeptic, I now believe this painting is connected or attached to something evil...

Was the artist who painted the spooky image haunted by the shadow man, or is this a depiction of how he felt inside -- maybe even feeling someone else inside of him?