Ghostly Videos: Man In Pain EVP?

Does this ghost video of a man in pain reveal how badly hurting ghosts may really feel? It begins with some ghost photos of mists, then the ghost voice audio begins around 0:40

You decide after listening to this EVP recording (we recommend using earbuds or headphones).

Video Description
The first EVP recording in this video was recorded in an old church in Essex, United Kingdom. The audio recorder was left in an empty area and everyone who was investigating was away from the area. So, we must ask, where did the voice originate from if no one, in body, was near it? The second ghost EVP was captured in an old English pub. We have also added a photos of what we believe to possibly be ghosts trying to appear - photos are from various haunted locations around the United Kingdom. Is any of this evidence proof that paranormal happenings are true?