Dudley Town Ghost Video

A shadowy ghost was supposedly captured on video in Dudley Town, Connecticut. The original video description of the supposed ghost sighting sounded very scripted and not something from a real sighting. We've included it below for your consideration...

Is it a real ghost video? It looks animated to us. You decide. Here is the original description:

"This video was captured on Chase Avenue in Dudley Town Connecticut. After numerous sightings of a ghastly shadow figure in the woods behind the property, the owners had a camcorder ready and loaded with a tape in the event it was seen again, sure enough on June 17th 2006 the evil looking apparition re emerged and was captured as it shimmered through the thick brush. No one in the town seems to know what it could be, but there were numerous murders committed in those woods over the centuries. The tape was submitted to the Institute of Forensic Parapsychology and after under going rigorous expert examination was deemed unexplainable. Many people since have seen these shadow like forms around the woods in that area, the mystery to this day remains unsolved."