Ghost in Pictures

Our pursuit to find a ghost in pictures, continues...

This month, April 2013, we continue our quest to validate ghosts by presenting compelling stories that accompany each ghost in pictures. One of the ghost photos on this page was captured using a full spectrum camera created and sold by our ghost hunting store. This is the 6th ghost in pictures we've received from our customers in 2-3 years that we've featured.

Another ghost photograph, we share below, was recently received and further proves the story of the Moundsville Shadow Man, a case of ghostly haunting that we have investigated and defended for many years after the original photo was wrongly discredited by SyFy's Ghost Hunters. We are very excited to share all of these finds with you for your consideration.

1: Full Spectrum Apparition
Our first ghost picture for review was taken in a forest by the Ghost Hunting Hikers of Georgia who enjoy exploring Fort Yargo State Park, investigation reports of haunting. At the location, they have captured several ghost pictures and EVP using a ghost box.

Javier Vargas sent us the incredible apparition taken with one of our 10.1 megapixel full spectrum camera models he purchased from the Angels & Ghosts Ghost Hunting Store. (By the way, this is the second incredible ghost photo we have received from customers using the same model of camera.)
To learn more about this photo, look at the page of ghost pictures take with our cameras: Full Spectrum Ghost Pictures.

Looking at the wooded panorama, the visage of a person standing between the forked trees really stands out. Notice the shadows of trees in the photo are cast at an angle toward the right. The lines of the apparition do not follow this same pattern, indicating it was not caused by forest shadows and sunlight.

2 & 3: Moundsville Psyche Ward Shadow Ghost
Ben and Zana Willis photographed the Moundsville shadow ghost in the psyche ward in 2013. Read the full story here: Stooping Moundsville Shadow Man.

4 & 5: Ghost Behind Couch
A. Tobias sent us a very cool ghost head, peering over from behind a couch:

"I took this of my daughter one night and later realized a face behind the couch. There may also be one peeking around the corner. This was taken with an iPhone 4, at night, w no flash. I have not altered this photo in any way.

My mother seems to think it looks like my father who has passed. I hear voices, kind of conversations, often. We just moved into the house and aren't aware of it's history at this time...although I will be looking into it now. Feel free to contact me with any more questions."

Ghost Head Comparisons (3) - We enlarged and enlightened the face, adjusting contrast and hue to bring out more of the details. Who or what is it? The ghost face looks green in color!