Stooping Moundsville Shadow Man

Ben and Zana Willis were at the WV Pen in 2013 and apparently photographed a shadow ghost, stooping on all fours:

"During one of the Saturday night ghost hunting events held by the Moundsville Prison, my wife, two other people we met during the event, and I were exploring the medical area of the prison (this particular shot was taken in what was described as the Psych Ward). This picture was taken with other random shots, some using night vision and others with a normal flash. After reviewing quite a few photos I noticed what seems to be a crouched figure in the left corner of the room. I was the only person in the room at the time as the other three had gone up ahead into another area. My wife and I did return to the medical area later that night (by ourselves this time) and experienced odd noises coming from different areas of the second floor. A strange orange light flashed at the opposite end of the hallway - what would have been the area the picture was taken. At that point, my wife refused to go any further as she felt uneasy about being in this area. A very distinct whispering voice was also captured on video saying what sounded like, 'baby,' several times throughout the night, also. This was not heard by any of us at the time."