Hanover, PA Haunting

Hanover Shadow GhostA house in Hanover, Pennsylvania has had claims of aggressive haunting by its owners, and a visiting news team encountered more than they had bargained for when chasing down this ghost story. A camera man received "ghost scratches" on his arm while there, and photos and videos were examined, firsthand, by the reporters.

Videos include a door closing on its own and a dark mist, shaped like a hand, caught grabbing across the frame of the clip. A photograph of a shadow form in one of the home's rooms was also shown to the reporting team.

Some of the evidence of the Hanover haunt, displayed below, includes a picture of the ghost shadow form, a still shot of the "ghost hand," and scratches on a human body acquired while the person was in the home. We've also included the original TV news story that explores the highly active haunting, questions the behavior by the ghost(s), and reveals the fear the news crew unexpectedly had during their visit.

Ghost Scratches
Though not a common occurrence, an attack by a ghost can cause bodily harm, typically, from either being pushed or scratched. Unsuspecting victims, who are mysteriously pushed or scratched by an unseen force, never see it coming. If scratched, the affected area of the skin will first have a burning sensation; then, red scratch-like marks can appear on the face, chest, back, legs or arms -- wherever the burning sensation was felt.

One might equate the ghostly scratches with how small jellyfish stings feel. How or why this phenomenon occurs still remains a mystery. We should note that ghost attacks are the exception and not the norm in most cases of haunting.