Ancient Ghost?

A video of an old English pub shows a hooded man appearing and disappearing in the bar's window, it seems. We have taken screenshots of the video to show the image of what may be an ancient ghost. The security camera recording is said to have been filmed in Ye Olde Man & Scythe of Bolton, England - a real 13th century watering hole. Peer at this film and see what you think...

The story if this ghost sighting first appeared in the Manchester Daily News where the pub's manager, Tom Dooley, claims that this ghostly scene has now turned him from being skeptical to believing in phantoms.

The question we have is with this CCTV clip, was the ghost added in. The way the entity walks by, appears, disappears, then stands facing the mirror directly seems very deliberate and not an accidental glimpse of a real ghost passing by. Could it have been staged to get visitors to come to the old pub? Possibly. We also wonder that if this were a window, could someone have pranked the bar from the outside, looking in. However, we must admit that the fading in and out of the specter would rule that idea out.

"I was wondering if anyone had paid attention to the black mass running down the right hand wall under the pictures. I also was curious about the light source from inside the pub." - Louise Cann

The lights look like they flicker, but this could be due to the clip being sped-up, essentially making the dimming of the old pub lights more pronounced. We had not noticed the shadow move at about 0:25, from left to right, on the right side wall until you pointed it out. Good catch! - A&G